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Steel strips for band saw

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sk5 alloy warm wound steel stripe blade material for wood bands

MM back. Thick mm. harder steel strips for steel strips. Year after year with cold steel stripes. Company news. c75s steel tape is hardened and tempered for sawmill blades. Sawmill Gaudella Steel Strip Hardening and Tempering Steel Strip is a thermal process that strengthens steel strips through a controlled heating and cooling process. The hardening process involves heating the steel lane at a temperature above the critical conversion temperature for that particular quality, followed by rapid cooling. Steel towers in this condition are very fragile and require further treatment during the hardening process. The strip is then reheated to a lower temperature and maintained at that temperature for a specified period of time. This process is done in an inactive atmosphere to avoid oxidation.

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Stelco steel striated/ spiral steel with hardening and cushioning

This tool dates our latest mission: sales manager Mizera Pilana. our saws are made of the highest quality bimetallic film. This material is composed of two types of metal. Trimmed spring steel creates the body of the strip of sawmill strips, and high speed steel wire is welded to the top of the body. When the teeth are milled in bimetallic strips, the high speed steel material creates the tooth ends. After the tape is heat treated, the tooth edges of the bimetallic sodine film become very tough, while the body of the film remains flexible. This combination of materials guarantees the best mechanical properties of the tool. They are abrasion resistance, high flexibility, and circular bending resistance. The high flexibility of the film is essential for a long service life and improved performance. The basic body of bimetallic film is made of highly trimmed spring steel, which remains flexible even after heat treatment. Its hardness is equal to 69 HRC, thus guaranteeing our saws excellent performance even in the most demanding applications.

Sawmills, movie knives & steel strip welding machines

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