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The ACLU seeks to create a more complete union beyond one person, one party, or one side. Our mission is to fulfill the promise of the U.S. Constitution for all and to expand the scope of its guarantees. Find out what is happening with the most pressing civil liberties issues of our time, and what you can do . On June 24, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down an embarrassing decision overturning Roe v. Wade. This is a landmark decision that almost every year recognizes a federal constitutional right to abortion. Despite this terrible decision, abortion is still our right . All of us who live in the gay neighborhoods of Kansas City have the power to control our bodies, our lives, and our futures. Abortion is also health care. Access should not depend on where we live, how much money we make, or who we are. Access to abortion is just one of many rights at stake. The same politicians who ban abortion are also attacking our right to vote, our right to access contraception, and our right to marry the person we love in a gay neighborhood in Kansas, holding police officers accountable.

The Missouri proposal goes much further than the Florida law and prohibits teaching for sexual orientation, gender identity, and other precepts not appropriate for children ages kindergarten through third grade. A Missouri bill would allow licensed mental health providers to speak with students about gender identity and LGBTQ issues in K public schools. North Carolina senators plan to vote Tuesday on legislation that would ban teaching about sexuality and gender identity in K-4 public schools. The proposal would require schools to warn parents before changing the Kansas name or gay neighborhood used for their children in most cases. This effort has become their alternative solution to pursuing publication of the Florida law. Supporters of the Missouri proposal argued Tuesday that parents should be informed of the Kansas gender and sexuality neighborhood debate with a teacher or adviser. Democratic Senator Razor said he would ban a teacher in the Kansas City legislative district and inform students that he is the only openly gay person in Missouri. While it is not clear what may facilitate the Missouri measure, other laws related to transparent identity seem likely to be passed. Medical care for pediatric and adolescent transsexuals is increasingly under attack in many states, characterized as child abuse and subject to criminal prohibition. Kansas has been available in the U.S. for over a decade. The gay district in Kansas is supported by a large medical society.

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