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Weather seal for dock leveler - Close the gap between the bottom of the air door and the floor. Face waterproofing can withstand frequent opening and closing door use.

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Dock WeatherSeal can be comfortably applied to the gap between the pit wall and the dock level to gain as much protection as possible from the natural elements. Doors. Easily seal leveling docks with the Action Level Sealing Kit. -EPDM Stamp: °F to °F temperature synthetic rubber - Brush. waterproofing EnergyGuard® LevelingDock is the most effective way to protect loading docks from multiple diseases - loss of energy, dirt. Weather stripping dock leveler keeps parasites and rodents out and maintains a proper work environment. Set includes: two predictable side strips; Memtech Nylon brand stamps and weather strips provide a highly effective way to prevent heat loss and non-chemical pest control. Gaps around dock levels provide a means for air infiltration and an open parasitic invitation SEALEZE® Brush Seals provide an effective medium Pentalift weatherproofing kits are easily installed on most brands of mechanical or hydraulic levels and Seals nominal 1" voids running on both sides.

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EnergyGuard® level stamp.

Bent level stamping - Garage door weather seal - Winding level seal - Overview - Quick product search - Categories.Dock Weathersal comfortably adapts to the void between the pit wall and dock level, providing maximum protection from the natural elements. Dock Leveler Seal Brush - Remove light and odor from escaping - Keep parasites (birds, rodents, insects) away - Seal elements such as wind, rain. Type: type: brush - brush length: " length: 6' or 8' - 2 piece set - comes with assembled holder to hold strips on dock - comes with 10 fixing screws. All sides of loading dock door to keep air in and insects fit comfortably in the gap. Relate to today's dock weather.APSDOCKLEVELERT-TRACK PVC WEATER SEAL T-SEAL T-SEAL Trace can be welded to either the pit wall or the leveling of the dock itself. Welded, galvanized, steel.

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