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The American program MythBusters also discovered it. 'Blog' blog 'Will Germany Shock Peeing on a... MythBusters' test builder tests if you can get up from a brick barrel, fall over, then crash drop and urinate on a train electrical line. The "MythBusters" also discovered that peeing on an electric fence can be a shocking experience. This is because the fence is higher than the ground. Electric fences or third rails are very unlikely to cause electric shocks through the urine stream because of the air gap, but they do exist.

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A man was allegedly killed last night while peeing on the G-Brooklyn Train Rail in Brooklyn. A New York Post report suggests that the man actually died because his urine made contact with the deadly train. However, both the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and law enforcement officials refused to "link the whiskey to the third rail line" to Wall Street Journal transportation journalist Ted Mann. Thus, it sounds as if the man collapsed while he was over the third rail. However, this does not mean that he could not die that way. It is under investigation. The idea behind the myth has scientific logic. An electric current could travel with the flow of urine through the penis and cause a jerk. Or some New York kids put in a homeless person at a mythical festival and pee on an electric fence just before he pees himself to death. Your test circle will explode.

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New debate: Does semen in higher fences shock you? No, MythBusters said, peeing on electric rails is not the same. Prompting a line of electric fence cannot shock you with electric shock. The safety features of the electric fence block this. The urine stream is separated. My father won $10 per second to pee in our electric nutrients.I think Mythbusters debunked the theory of electric shock a while back. The rest of you must pee on the electric fence and realize that the Mythbusters have already rejected this myth as the "present" of urine. What happens when you pee on an electric fence? The "MythBusters" also found that peeing on an electric fence can be a shocking experience; O. concluded that, in contrast to legend and tradition, the "Mythbusters" show is unlikely to cause death if prompted directly by a third rail. However, remember that Mythbusters asked a similar question. as a power line on a railroad to kill a man in urine. The first question is how water.

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