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Some films are willfully unclear; David Lynch's surrealist masterpiece is a perfect example of a film that deliberately misrepresents a story open to public interpretation. Some films, however, choose the easy approach and present a simple story. Still, admirers sometimes misunderstand them. Perhaps the film did not have an adequate explanation or the fans drew their own conclusions and took it as gospel. Whatever the reason, these details of the plot are among the most misunderstood in the history of cinema. You'd be surprised to learn the truth about what more than one fan undoubtedly thought from their favorite movie.Love is a timeless classic Christmas movie by famed British director and screenwriter Richard Curtis. The film has a large set of actors and revolves around different people and their amazing love stories in the pre-Christmas era. One of these stories is about John and Judy, played by Martin Frimmann and Joanna Page. Many fans mistakenly believe that John and Judy are pornographic actors because their scenes include sex and present them in various stages of lamentation.

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