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Early artistic representations may include horse-like legs, but from the 6th century B.C., they are more frequently represented by human feet. Satyrs were characterized by their athososomy and were known as lovers of wine, music, dance, and women. They believed they were companions of the god Dionysos and lived in remote areas such as forests, mountains, and meadows. They often tried to seduce or rape nymphs and humans, usually with little success. Sometimes they appear to have engaged in masturbation or procreation. In classical Athens, satyrs danced in a kind of play known as a "satirical work." This was a parody of tragedy and was known for its fortunate and obscene humor. The only complete surviving work of this kind is Euripides' Cyclops, but important parts of Sophocles' Cyclonetae have also survived. In mythology, Satyr Mashas is said to have caused the god Apollo in a musical competition, and was left alive because of his humiliation. Although superficially ridiculous, satyrs were also thought to possess knowledge that would be useful if they could be persuaded to reveal them.Satyr Silenos was a teacher of the young Dionysus, and the Ionian story gives good advice when he was captured The story tells of Silenos. Throughout Greek history, satyrs were gradually portrayed as progressively more humane and brutal. They also began to acquire features that look like goats in certain illustrations, as a result of their merger with diapers, feet, goat horns and the plural form of the god. The Romans identified satyrs with nature spirits, pastures. Eventually, the distinction between the two was lost altogether. Since the Renaissance, satyrs are more frequently represented by the legs and horns of children.

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Satyr and Nude. Maker and role. Artist: Andrew Vlady, American, born Year All; Object detail; Public comments. In Greek mythology, a satyr also known as a silenus or silenos is a male nature spirit with bestial faces, and snub noses and are always shown naked. A study of a male nude, standing with his right arm raised. He is viewed from below, and some foliage has been sketched in about his head and upper body. Drawing, 'Nude man carrying a satyr on his back with a smaller satyr in front of him', by Jan de Bisschop, pen and brown ink, with brown wash. {{Artwork |artist={{Creator:E. Phillips Fox}} |title={{title|en=Nude and Satyr (Jupiter and Antiope)}} |description= |date={{circa|}} |medium.

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