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Ekin Soo's "Topless Dancer" program drew criticism after revealing her injury. The Love Island winner took to the ice tonight with a glamorous routine. At the end, Ekin Su kissed Davide on the lips and her boyfriend embraced her as they skated topless on the ice. READ MORE: Martin Lewis Warns Those Who Have Gas and Electricity Meters . Eakin revealed that she was injured while skating. The judges admitted that they were unaware of it when they handed out the scores. Eakin then admitted that she pulled a muscle in her left leg, forcing her to pull out of the program at the last minute. Her leg was clearly covered in some sort of injury repair tape. However, a cheeky dance when Ekin was sandwiched between three topless men led to accusations that people (including complaints from Ofcom) did not object to the topless men, who exploded over Ekin Su's thong bodysuit from week one. They suggested that, as a result, women on the show are treated differently depending on their appearance. Wait, men can wear as much as they like, so there is no will but Ekin in a leotard was disgusted. "But Ekin-Su looked stunning in DancingOnIce. But many soon came to Ekin's defense. They accused Ekin's haters of being "haters. Phillip Schofield was defended by an audience member who complained. Dancing on Ice's Holly and Phil collect complaints at the start of the show.

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